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The objective was to identify a problem in the world, then come up with a design solution through a mobile application. We were tasked with designing the user interface of the app then creating a prototype showing the functionality of the app and user experience.

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The problem I identified was something I had a personal connection with. As a kid, I grew up loving the game of basketball. I played for my school team every year and played for several teams in amateur sports leagues. I wanted to get better, but my parents could not afford the cost of hiring a trainer, and I did not have the knowledge of a wide range of drills or workouts I could do on my own. After conducting research and interviews, I found that other kids had similar problems. I wanted to create an app that did the work for you and put together workouts that are personally tailored to your game and areas you want to improve in, whether its shooting, dribbling, defense, etc. The app was designed around the keywords simple, clean, and precise.

Hooplab_Mockup copy.jpg
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